Don’t discredit me 

Get away from me 

Understand my value

I am more than which you fail to see. 



Your Kinesthetic favors/

Shiver, shudder, savor.

I crave scent and flavor

Of your 
Earthy essence pores. 

Keep up with The Grind:
This whirly-gig Mind
Suffers the consequence
Of ambitious ambivalence.

This moment, this week-
Daily building of new peaks.
Feet tap to thoughts of wanderlust.
Pussy purrs at memories of mind-scrambling thrusts.
Possibilities combine
With the knowledge that the world is mine.


Dreaming… is it real?

Dreaming is an altered state of mind. 

Altered from… what?

Is there any aspect of “reality” that isn’t altered?

Each perspective decides it’s own dogma. 

Mine decides catma. 

All hail dangling treasures. 

They’re gifts from the Ones who measure

Which Catlantian has the best cattitude 

You kitten even know 

The necrosis ‘neath the fur 

You knead nine lives to survive the only way to make me purr.

I’ll clean you with sandpaper kisses.

Display my love with dead doorstep fishes. 

 x x x x x x x 

Touch me 

I affect



Your skin

Leak between





Did not mean to infatuate


Nature attacks nurture. 


I do not wish to be thine own enemy. Why is a smile difficult for me? I am sad and this scenario feels helpless b/c I cannot take action. Merely patience. I’ve been patient yet here I am, still at step one, more miserable with each new day. I want to be strong. I want to positively Manifest. I want to smile, to enjoy, to appreciate the blessings that I do have. 

Astrocyte the Neurolemmial Zap

To be proud. A gruff bass mix between a sigh and a growl.

Succumbing to a well-acquainted action of monotony

Trent rained true as he proclaimed: Every day IS the same,

The conscious being is MEANT to evolve. Breznky coaches: “Die every day.” 

The fire doesn’t burn when you control it. (To be licked by flames always transforms. Laws of Thermodynamics: Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Where you set your energy renews and spews the new you.

Chaos welcomes me; I emit a frenzied flare if Neurotica is refused. 

The bottoms of my lungs drop out. My Central Nervous System purrs to curl among my active mind; she lengthens and wags deep down my spine. 


Why do I find myself surprised
When you dredge tears from my wide, red eyes?
You fool me with your pleasantries;
Lend a sense of comfortable connection
Which allows me to forget old faults
And cling to past, dashed hopes.
Disconcerting is asking a question or voicing a remark
Of global understanding-
-Save for you.
You, who recoils from the truth,
Rebounds with a poison strike,
Then plays the victim; that you’d be pushed to such cruelty.
Yet the one to blame is in your head
That you’d misinterpret every word said.
I know this advice won’t survive the labyrinth to your ears,
but learn to listen and accept that which is conveyed by peers.
I refuse the war zone your head explodes to my reality,
You hurt every one around with your zealous immortality.
I wouldn’t want to live a day in your tortured perspective.