Grow, Bean

Circle shoulders
Eyes closed
Inhale infiltrates nose, head, lungs, blood
Fluid form
This body, my home
Height at apex
Mind grows
Eyes expand
Mouth more mute
I have met peace;
I meet you with love


LSD – 5:05 AM – 07.02.17

Here I Am.

Ambient, psychedelic trance bubbles, pokes, taps, glides my auditory canals; soothes, harmonizes, enchants, strings.
Hear it caressing my mind. Toes curl and stretch wide.
Air in motion: by music, by rotating fan.

I write while on my tummy. Chin resting on left knuckle. Knees bent, feet crossed at ankle…
Cameron, to my left. We are on our air mattress. He dozes, lays supine, legs wide, chest steadily rises then exhales. That breath, so urgent, vital. The blood in his veins, muscles; may it be well. His lungs, his health.
He rests after a sacred union of souls, of lovers.
I would not want for Cameron to be out of my life.

x x x

Next Morning
Writing of the love felt for Cam, I embarked upon descent to dreamland by curling into him, arm and leg around; nose near scrumptious, spicy body odor. Eyes closed, psychedelic visions danced and spun with the music. Too good to interrupt.


Why do you demonize this place of 1,000 graces?
The strings which tug at me
to lay low and weep
are product of your ominous
Soothsayer’s omens.
I’ve not been known to fear.
Are you trying to teach me how?
I do not wish to see the horrors you manifest.

Dear Junkie,

By what means may I prevent your destruction
Self imposed error conduction
I was not designed to bend your will
I am no imposter
The wonder comes across: could I do more?
But I cannot decide your next action.


A spirit of many lives
A soul who has seen seasons
Of souring ambition and unrealistic idealism
She’ll interact with the entire world
She’ll stress to surpass physical limitation
Logic, rules, time, space, matter
Stretched as squeezed
Physics defied
By the woman who travels through the air.

Mind to Paper

Change suspected;
Apocalyptic resurrected.
The satisfied full, subtly redirected
Bursts beyond the bubble.
This ambitious mind finds ease amidst
-Feels peace at discomfort.

Have you ever noticed the dis-ease
That’s brought about
When all seems suspiciously too sublime,
Too well.

[12.31.15; driving from Atlanta, GA to Eureka, CA]

Road Trip Ramble

Mindless disregard

I don’t care,

So why do you?
Tugged, swirled, influenced

By the goddess of love and the gods of war.

They tug, caress, play, and nip at the hairs on your body.

Do not be afraid.

The horripilating hairs harnessed to your humanity,

Plunged within penetralia.

Suck it down, bottles up

Whether goblet, chalice, cup

Feeding fateful fantasy

Be it potion, placebo, or poison

The consumer will be changed

The metamorphoses continues



31 December 2015, driving with my Love, from Georgia to California (USA). Voice memo to word format.