Grow, Bean

Circle shoulders
Eyes closed
Inhale infiltrates nose, head, lungs, blood
Fluid form
This body, my home
Height at apex
Mind grows
Eyes expand
Mouth more mute
I have met peace;
I meet you with love


LSD – 5:05 AM – 07.02.17

Here I Am.

Ambient, psychedelic trance bubbles, pokes, taps, glides my auditory canals; soothes, harmonizes, enchants, strings.
Hear it caressing my mind. Toes curl and stretch wide.
Air in motion: by music, by rotating fan.

I write while on my tummy. Chin resting on left knuckle. Knees bent, feet crossed at ankleā€¦
Cameron, to my left. We are on our air mattress. He dozes, lays supine, legs wide, chest steadily rises then exhales. That breath, so urgent, vital. The blood in his veins, muscles; may it be well. His lungs, his health.
He rests after a sacred union of souls, of lovers.
I would not want for Cameron to be out of my life.

x x x

Next Morning
Writing of the love felt for Cam, I embarked upon descent to dreamland by curling into him, arm and leg around; nose near scrumptious, spicy body odor. Eyes closed, psychedelic visions danced and spun with the music. Too good to interrupt.

Amplify the reaches of my aura
Have a soiree with the day
Momma, take me for another whirl
Loosen my britches, allow an unfurling.

My charming conundrum
Dreams quicker than constraints of time and strength
Turning gears; set the motion